When your current mortgage is up for renewal, don’t worry! You’re not stuck with your current lender. Peak Mortgage will find you the most competitive offer in the market and ensure that switching lenders is a quick and easy process. Heads up, a good time to start is 3-6 months prior to your current mortgage maturing.

The Renewal Process:

  1. Complete an application. Provide us with your current mortgage information/renewal offer, along supporting documents. We will provide you with a personal consultation and review all the offers available to you.
  2. Renewal Approval. There should be no cost to you, as the new lender will cover the legal and appraisal costs.
  3. Meet with the solicitor prior to the completion date.


Both renewing or refinancing your mortgage should be quick and easy. 

When your current mortgage reaches the maturity date, you can renew with a lender that offers you the best terms and rate. With a renewal, there’s no additional money, no changes in amortization, and no changes in title.

With a refinance, however, you can make changes to your mortgage at anytime. You do not have to wait until the maturity date.

Whether you choose to renew or refinance, Peak Mortgage works with you to find the best mortgage solution to suit your financial and personal situation.