Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, whether you need a small debt consolidation or a multi-million-dollar home purchase, we will help find the best financing options with the most favorable terms at the lowest possible cost. 


Peak Mortgage has set a new standard when it comes to mortgage financing. A fully licensed and accredited mortgage company, we are a select team of accomplished mortgage professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and expertise. 


Every mortgage comes with a team of experts. It takes a combination of expert advice and personal attention to your unique needs to secure the best kind of mortgage financing. With over five decades combined experience in mortgage financing, real estate, and investments, the team at Peak Mortgage is committed to first-class service, personalized support, and unbiased independent advice, all while striving to make the loan process as quick and effortless as possible.


Peak Mortgage began as a shared vision between industry peers, Alex Shein, Lev Keselman, and Julie Tran. Their vision was to create a mortgage company that raises the bar and outperforms the industry standard. They believed they could do things differently to improve the overall experience for their clients. Today, as Peak Mortgage’s Managing Partners, they have created a team whose work and dedication reflect that vision. Each team member comes from a diverse background, both professionally and personally, allowing them to relate closely to the client and the client’s unique needs. As the recipient of multiple awards honoring their top performance and continued commitment to customer satisfaction, they credit much of their success to having a passionate team and an incredible network of happy clients.  

Dedication – Integrity – Vision – Expertise